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Anubis kennels is located in Blackwall on the Central Coast, NSW.

A few years ago we set out to find the perfect dog for our big family, one that would fit in nicely and be suited to our needs. After a lot of research we came across Miniature Australian Bulldogs and instantly fell in love with the breed, we waited a while until there was a litter available and we chose our very first MAB, we called her Marley.

She was the best choice we had made and fitted in very well with our family, we loved her so much that we decided that every family deserved to have what we have so we would breed her and help other families to enjoy this beautiful breed.

We now have two Miniature Australian Bulldogs, Marley and Koda.

Raising our dogs is a family affair with our four children involved in all aspects of raising them, feeding, playing, walking, cleaning up after them. So they are very children friendly and they love all the attention they get and they love showing us how much they love us too.

They enjoy play time with each other and our children in the yard, runs on the beach and at the oval, they are very friendly towards other dogs and are always eager to run and play with other dogs when we come across them.

Our pups can be relocated to their ‘forever homes’ within Australia using a reputable animal freight companies. They will be issued with a Certificate of Pedigree from the Miniature Australian Bulldog Registry, Certificate of Veterinary Clearance in addition to Micro-chipping, Immunisation x1 and wormed.

Contact Details:

Point of Contact: Cliff & Reichelle Harris
Email: Cliff & Reichelle Harris
Mobile: 0431 013 166
Location: Blackwall, Central Coast, N.S.W.

Current Breeding Stock Lines:


Kennel Name: Blackjack Marley
Height: 42cm
Weight: 15Kg
DOB: 26/05/2010

Temperament: Marley is very affectionate, she loves cuddles and will follow you around hoping for a pat or a belly rub. She loves playing with my children and our other dog Willow. She enjoys going in the car, runs on the beach and park. She’s very friendly towards other dogs and gets very excited when she can run off and play with them. She is a daddy’s girl (human daddy) and will sit at the door waiting for him to come home and play with her.



Kennel Name: Bollywood Koda
Hight: 36cm
Weight: 13.5Kg
DOB: 29/12/2012

Temperament:Mischievous: Koda is a great friend to our 4 children, he's always up for a play with the soccer ball, and a run around the back yard or to the park. He's very mischievous and on the go all day, but he loves to lie on his bed every night next to us and the kids and sleep while we watch t.v.

Koda is available for stud through Sires on Ice Breeding facility at Calga. Frozen and or Chilled semen can be sent to interstate financial Breeders of the Miniature Australian Bulldog Registry.


Imperial to Metric Conversion
.4 Inch = 1 CM
2.2 Pounds = 1 Kg

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